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Dentistry Powered By CEREC
One visit

Our advanced, in-office dental technology offers you single-visit custom crowns and more.

Why are we so excited to offer Dentistry Powered by CEREC® in our office? Because it makes custom crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers easier than ever for you. In just one visit using this advanced technology, we can prepare your tooth, then make the dental prosthesis right in our office, in about one hour. No messy impressions, no temporary crowns, and no long wait for your permanent one.

What Can CEREC® Do For You?

With this complete, in-office system, we can create long-lasting ceramic crowns and more — in a single visit, in about one hour. That means a healthier smile for you in less time.

The CEREC  Process

With this complete, in-office system, we can create your custom crown or other dental restoration in one visit, in about a couple of hours:

1. We capture an image of your tooth with a digital camera.

2. A 3D model of the restoration is created on the chairside computer screen.

3. The restoration is fabricated from a ceramic block on our in-office milling machine — you can watch.


4. The dentist inserts the custom-fit restoration a short time later, during the same visit.

What Can CEREC®  

Do For You?

Eliminates the unpleasant impression process

The digital camera captures a full-mouth image and sends it to the computer in seconds. No biting down on impression material for several minutes, no numbness, and no jaw ache.

No follow-up appointment necessary

We create and insert your permanent dental restoration in one visit, letting you get on with life — eliminating the need for an uncomfortable, inconvenient temporary crown.

A long-term solution
Proven in dental practices millions of times over to offer lasting results, it’s trusted technology developed by Dentsply Sirona, the world leader in dental solutions.


Looks and acts like a real tooth
Unlike many conventional crowns that use a metal base (which limits translucency) and can have a dark edge, a CEREC crown looks and feels like your natural tooth. And it most closely matches the hardness of a real tooth, helping prevent wear and tear.


Preserves more of your natural tooth

Only decayed or damaged tooth surface is removed, preserving as much of the healthy tooth as possible


Solution That Make 

You Smile!

Ceramic Inlays and Onlays
Ceramic fillings provide a higher quality alternative to ordinary gold, amalgam, and composite resin fillings — and offer a natural color, which makes them popular.


Ceramic Veneers

For chipped or discolored front teeth, ceramic veneers are an esthetic solution — and using this system, they’re also a more convenient one for you.

Ceramic Crowns

For severely decayed or damaged teeth, ceramic crowns virtually eliminate the gum irritation and impaired taste that often occur with conventional metal crowns.

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