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Smile Gallery

A healthy and bright smile can more than transform the way you look, it can affect the way you feel. If, like many of our patients, you feel your teeth are something that reduces your self-esteem, the dental team at Greg L. LaVecchia, DMD, PC is here to boost your confidence through custom treatments and smile transformations. Our expertise in both restorative and cosmetic dentistry allow us to make outstanding improvements to both the health and esthetics of your teeth, giving you the confidence you deserve.


A Stunning Transformation

Our patient was unhappy with the “gummy” appearance of her smile, and she was bothered that her two front teeth did not match. We whitened her teeth and performed a gum lift, then placed five veneers and one crown. The result was a stunning smile that the patient feels confident about.

Perfect Symmetry

Our patient was unhappy with the proportion, alignment, and shade of his teeth. We placed eight veneers and two crowns on his teeth. We also whitened his teeth and recontoured his gums.


A Confident New Smile

Our patient was missing her lateral incisors (from birth), and she was unhappy with the appearance of the bridges that were placed when she was a child. We whitened her upper and lower arches, replaced two bridges, and placed four veneers. The outcome gave the patient the confidence in her smile that she desired.

A Thrilling Transformation

This patient was very unhappy with the appearance of her teeth. We whitened both her upper and lower arches, and we placed 10 composite fillings, five porcelain crowns, and a three-unit porcelain bridge. As unhappy as she was before her smile makeover, she was thrilled with the transformation!


New Life, New Smile

This patient wanted his teeth whiter and the spaces between his teeth corrected before his wedding. We whitened his teeth and placed eight upper veneers on his teeth before his big day!

Whiter, Brighter Smile

This patient wanted better shaped and whiter teeth. We placed four veneers to give this patient the smile she had always wanted!


Transformation with Veneers

This patient had actually had some veneers placed previously, but she was very unhappy with the result. So we placed four new veneers on her teeth. She loved how these turned out.

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