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What Makes Us Different

Where Old-Fashioned Service 

Meets Modern Technology

Welcome to our Arlington dental practice located in the heart of Rosslyn! We are proud to say that patients in the Arlington community and surrounding DC metro areas of have trusted us with their dental care for over 50 years!

We have developed our practice philosophy around the belief that
exceptional dental care happens when old-fashioned service meets modern technology. We believe that what makes us truly different is our strong family values. These values also transfer over to our working philosophy. We treat every patient as if they are part of our own family, that is with care, respect and kindness. We are proud that our staff have been with us for many years and they regard their work as a career rather than a job.


We understand that every individual is unique and therefore, people have different requirements when it comes to dental treatment and care. From the communication they require from their dental team, to the amount of dental education they wish to receive around their treatment plan, at our dental practice, we tailor our care to our individual patients. We want to help each person to achieve a smile that maximizes his or her own health and appearance, and to enjoy the process! 

Dental health is a key factor in overall health, and therefore we encourage people to ensure they visit the dentist regularly for routine exams and cleanings. If you have any hesitations or fears associated with visiting the dentist, we are here to support you and guide you through a comfortable and safe experience so that you needn't avoid the dentist any longer. Book your appointment today!

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