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Deep Bleaching

Not getting the results you want with over-the-counter whitening strips? OTC whitening systems often don't create the bright, white smile you want because they use a much weaker whitening solution than the ones used in a dentist's office. Some cause more sensitivity too, or don't whiten evenly because the strips aren't shaped to fit your teeth.

If you're tired of dealing with all of the hassles and getting lackluster results, it's time to step up your whitening game with one of our powerful professional options!

Deep Bleaching™

Deep Bleaching™ is widely recognized as the most effective teeth whitening system available today. It provides a solution to unpredictable whitening results and acute tooth sensitivity, both of which are common with other bleaching systems.

Deep Bleaching has even been shown to whiten tetracycline-stained teeth. Tetracycline is a broad-spectrum antibiotic prescribed for use against many bacterial infections and even to treat acne. One of its side effects is that it can cause permanent stains to teeth, especially when taken in adolescence.

Since tetracycline stains are often dark and deep in teeth, they do not respond very well to most whitening techniques so porcelain veneers are many dentists' corrective treatment of choice. Deep Bleaching offers a less-invasive option to try first.


The Deep Bleaching process involves two in-office whitening sessions several days apart with custom bleaching trays worn at home (at night) between the two in-office visits. The bleaching trays fit closely at the gumline to create a seal that keeps the special bleaching gel in the tray. As you sleep wearing the trays, the whitening solution goes deeper and deeper through the layers of stain (hence "deep bleaching"), which allows the final in-office whitening session to reach levels of white you probably never thought possible!

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